Hilarie Pitman Pozesky is a writer of personal essays. She crafts pieces about how knowing yourself leads to fulfillment. She is also working on a memoir about the lessons to be learned from being a middle-aged mom. Hilarie returned to writing full time five years ago, after a fifteen-year career in online marketing. She has an undergraduate degree in communications and an MA in public affairs reporting from Columbia College in Chicago.

Her work has been published on/in Scary Mommy, The Baltimore Sun, Kveller, The Writing CooperativeBeliefnet and The Wisdom Daily.

Hilarie lives with an urban sensibility, though she comes from a long line of pioneers and farmers. She channels that rural spirit of toughness and nurturing in her writing and her life. Hilarie places the utmost value on books and reading and is the steward of a very active Little Free Library in her neighborhood outside of Chicago. She lives there with her husband, two goofy sons and her dogs/muses, Ruby and Bowie.

Email: HilarieP[at]comcast[dot]net